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The Doggie Catcher

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The Doggie Catcher was designed for car safety - both yours and your pet's. Pets roaming freely around the vehicle can be a dangerous distraction; in the event of a sudden stop or accident, your pet could become a projectile, harming both itself and passengers.

The Doggie Catcher helps reduce driver distraction, prevents your pet from jumping out of an open window or door, and it will protect your pet from suffering injury against the dash, windshield or floorboard in an accident. This is the only pet seat belt restraint that shields the seat belt release button, which prevents your pet from accidentally releasing itself by stepping on it. It's also adjustable, so you can determine how much space your dog has to move around.

One size fits all. It's sturdy enough for the largest of breeds yet lightweight enough for the smallest of breeds.

Made in USA.

Hook Up Instructions:

  1. Connect the seat belt through the opening on the shield, to the seat belt receptacle. For safety, your pet should be in the back seat whenever possible.
  2. Make sure you hear the "click", ensuring that the Doggie Catcher is attached and connected securely.
  3. Connect the hook to your dog's harness. Never attach to a collar.
  4. Adjust the strap to give your dog more or less room to walk around.

Price: $25.00