Penny looking into dog's face

Penny Krause FFCP

Fear Free Certified Groomer®

After months of searching for the perfect person to lead our grooming department, we've finally found her...and we're certain you (and your pets) are going to love her. She embraces our Fear Free philosophy and the kindness she shows pets is nothing short of amazing. She loves grooming and does it for the right reasons, which is why we knew she was "the one".

Penny has over 10 years of grooming experience and is passionate about continued education. She is thrilled to offer Fear Free Grooming to all the pups, especially the timid pups, the frightened pups, the misunderstood pups, the pups that need time, the pups that need support and the parents that love them.

Penny shares her home with a Shepherd puppy named Veles, loves coffee and is excited to earn some titles with her new pup. Her favorites are CGC, tracking and rally.



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