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The Forever Dog
  • $28.99
2' Plaid Bone
  • $30.99
Candy Cane 2021
  • From $15.99
Chubbie Buddie Bully
  • From $15.99
Chubbie Buddie Patches
  • From $15.99
Knottie Black Bear
  • From $15.99
Wee Knottie Black Bear
  • $7.99
Squooshie Moose
  • From $15.99
Squooshie Reindeer
  • From $15.99
Knottie Unicorn
  • From $15.99
Light Bullb Toy
  • $7.99
Long & Lovelie Moose
  • $15.99

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Testimonials About Our Awesome Team

Every time Ellie comes in she is treated like family, very kind and helpful team.

Larry J Somerstorfer

I love everything about this store. It is worth the drive from Naperville.

Corey Swift

Love all the healthy choices of food and snacks for my doggie

Jurgita Janaviciute-Namest

I can't stress enough how awesome this company is and how much joy and wellness they bring to my puppy.

Joe Nowak

They have a great selection of healthy dog food. Every time we go there the service is excellent and they are so kind to our Rocky!!

Shakira Irizarry

They are tremendous. Helpful for anything you need for your dog.

John Binkowski

A Lilly placed in your heart

will bloom forever

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Fur Mama Tails

Our Little Pet Blog

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Fromm ~ Rich in History

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Why We LOVE Stella & Chewy's

It’s been 14 years since we first opened and I still remember how novel it was to carry frozen raw food for pets at the time. Frankly speaking, we ...

I'm Feeding a Good Food...

I’m feeding a good food…. It’s Eukenuba! (Or Iams) (Or Pedigree) (Or YUCK!!!) Your best friend just posted a picture of a perfectly cute little pup...

Summer Pests

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Road Trip Essentials

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How to Help the Grey Beards

I have a dog. (Henry).  I have a big dog (180 pounds – an English mastiff). I have a big old dog with hip & back issues (he will be 8 this year...

Easy ways to "Green" your cleaning routine

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means…spring cleaning! Before you reach for those bottles and cans of smelly, chemical-laced cleaning ...

Dog Park Etiquette

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Fleas & Ticks...Eww!

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