Grooming doesn’t need to be stressful for your pet. In fact, a trip to the groomer can be relaxing and even enjoyable. With positive training methods, compassion, and a little bit of patience, your pet can have a stress-free grooming experience for years to come!

What is Fear Free Grooming?

Fear Free Certified Groomers are committed to making your pet’s “spaw” day fun and relaxing! We do not expect your pet to love every part of the groom as we know there are aspects of grooming that are not always pleasant. The goal is to help your pet feel as calm and comfortable as possible. 

What Makes Us Different?

We value humanity over vanity above all else. With Fear Free grooming, we will not ignore your pet’s fear response in the name of getting the job done. Our groomers have been trained to always use a gentle touch and never cause pain or use intimidation. We work hard to provide a calm and relaxing environment. Your pet will be spoiled with yummy treats and lots of love! Our tables and tubs have non-slip surfaces to ensure your pet feels stable and supported throughout the groom. Calming music is played and pheromones are diffused to create a soothing and serene atmosphere. Hearing protection is available to help pets feel more relaxed during noisy procedures such as drying and clipper use. Most importantly, your pet will have our groomer's undivided attention and be the only pet in the room. All pets are groomed straight through, start to finish, and are never dried or held in a cage.  

What to Expect

Treats... lots of treats!

Bring your pet hungry because we know the best way to their hearts is through treats! We use reward-based training techniques, using food, toys and praise, to help your pet feel comfortable and safe. Licki mats are also provided to soothe and distract your dog during services. These clever silicone mats are smeared with toppings like peanut butter or soft cheese, then adhered to the side of the bath using built-in suction cups. Licking the tasty spread is a welcome distraction and natural calming behavior that helps to reduce anxiety.

Meet and Treat

Before we start with actual grooming procedures, we want to take our time to get to know your pet with a “meet and treat”. We want your pet to feel comfortable with the whole grooming experience, starting right at the door. This meeting also allows us the opportunity to assess your pet’s comfort level in the salon.

Pardon the interruption

We care about your pet’s emotional wellbeing. We also value your pet’s freedom of choice. This means we may need to stop a certain procedure if your pet is displaying too much stress. In this case, we will likely give you some homework and suggest shorter, more focused grooming appointments to work through these fears, rather than overwhelm your pet. 

A happy, clean, relaxed companion

A Fear Free Grooming approach will leave your pet happy, clean, beautiful and relaxed. It’s important to us how your pet looks AND feels!




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