Fear Free Certified Professional Sheila and Nelly


Wet Nose is the first of its kind…a safe haven for dogs and cats, in a retail setting. From Fear Free grooming and training, to Fear Free play time for anxious dogs, our mission is to educate and offer support to the pets in our community and the fur-parents that love them. Every Wet Nose team member is a Fear Free Certified Professional® along with all service partners, trainers, groomers, massage therapists and chiropractors. We are a unified team, with a common mission.

Why is Fear Free so important to us? Well, our personal journey down the Fear Free path began with our sweet, yet misunderstood yellow Lab named Nelly. When we adopted Nelly at seven years old, we had no idea that she had a bite history; we were only told that she didn’t like children. It quickly became clear that this beautiful girl was in severe pain, was previously abused and learned that biting was the way to protect herself from those that meant potential harm. Trust for her did not exist. All we wanted for Nelly was to feel safe and happy. She taught us that with patience, and the right support and guidance, an animal with a broken spirit can blossom into a happy, fear free pet. This store is dedicated to her and every pet that struggles.

So what does Fear Free actually mean? The Fear Free mission is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them. Founded in 2016, Fear Free provides online education to veterinary professionals, pet professionals, animal welfare communities, and pet owners. Their Fear Free Certification® program was developed and written by the most respected veterinary and pet experts in the world, including boarded veterinary behaviorists, boarded veterinary anesthesiologists, pain experts, boarded veterinary internists, veterinary technicians (behavior), experts in shelter medicine, animal training, grooming, boarding, and more.

We’ve designed our store with your pet’s comfort in mind. Fear Free Certification® isn’t currently available for retail stores, so we mirrored the requirements for Fear Free Certified® vet clinics, designed by Fear Free Pets®. Some of the many design elements we implemented are: low gloss, non-slip flooring, non-fluorescent materials, a science based Fear Free® color palette and generous natural daylight or LED equivalent. There are wide pathways throughout the store and a private side entrance for timid, fearful or reactive dogs, so they can access services and activities without the fear or stress of potential triggers.

For sound control, we implemented acoustic ceilings, recycled rubber flooring, soundproofing wall insulation and roof-mounted compressors, powering our quiet, glass-door walk-in freezers.

Our private step-in/step-up bath suites feature plug-in calming pheromones, non-slip tile steps and relaxing music. Licki mats are also available to soothe and distract your dog during bathing. These clever silicone mats are smeared with toppings like peanut butter or cream cheese, then adhered to the side of the bath using built-in suction cups. Licking the tasty spread is a welcome distraction and natural calming behavior that helps to reduce anxiety.

Our Fear Free mission is focused on inclusivity of people and reactive dogs by providing a space where they're welcomed and respected. Through education, support and acceptance we strive to lift community stigma of muzzles and dogs that need space.

Fear Free = Your Pet’s Happy Place!


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