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Silver Bones Tag

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Silver Bones ID tags are a world apart from ordinary pet tags. These stunning tags are made from solid Sterling Silver, and are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Your pet's name will be hand-stamped onto the front of the tag, fitting up to 9 letters (depending on the tag's size and style), plus a 10-digit phone number on back. Each letter is hand-stamped into the tag, therefore the spacing and angle of the names and numbers will not be perfectly straight – and they're not meant to be! This gives these tags a very unique, handcrafted look. Each tag comes with a stainless steel split-ring for easy attachment to your pet's collar.

**Silver Bones ID tags are made especially for your pet. You must provide your pet's name and the phone number you want stamped into the tag, in the "Notes" section during checkout. We cannot fulfill your order without this information. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.**

Please refer to the attached chart for tag dimensions and character limits for the front of the tags.

All stamping is done by hand, one piece at a time. All letters are uppercase. Because each letter is stamped individually, names will not appear exactly straight. Telephone numbers are stamped on the reverse side. Therefore the spacing and angle of the names and numbers will not be perfectly straight.

Price: $69.00

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