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12" Jumbo Bully Stick

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If your tough-chewing pooch demolishes regular bully sticks, give Jumbo Bullies a try! Much thicker and heavier than our standard bullies, Jumbo Bullies will take a longer time for your pup to gnaw through. Unlike yucky rawhides, a Bully Stick is fully digestible and won't swell in your dog's tummy. Dogs absolutely love our Jumbo Bullies, and all that chewing helps to keep your pup's teeth free of plaque and tartar. Plus, they are free-range, hormone-free and antibiotic-free and most importantly...odor-free!

Product of USA.

Since this is a natural product, there will be slight variations in size, shape and color – this is completely normal.

Ingredients: Beef Tendon.

Price: $13.60

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