As a company, Stella & Chewy's truly believes in the power of raw and believe that any amount of raw in a cat’s diet will have a meaningful, positive impact. They are proud to provide a wide line-up of offerings that will encourage and allow all pet parents to introduce raw into their best friend’s diet.

9 products found in Stella & Chewy's for Cats

Chicken Frozen Morsels
  • From $10.50
Freeze Dried Chicken Morsels
  • From $18.75
Freeze Dried Duck Morsels
  • $38.75
Freeze Dried Turkey Morsels
  • $38.75
Chicken Paté
  • $2.65
Turkey Paté
  • $2.65
Chicken Coated Kibble
  • From $15.00
Stella's Selects Chicken
  • $10.50
Cage Free Blend Kibble
  • From $19.25