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IT'S OFFICIAL - Wet Nose was voted by West Suburban Living's readers as Best Pet Store for 2014!!!

It's feels good to be loved...thank you to everyone that voted!








This has to be my favorite all time doggie treat...pacifier...babysitter.  And the best part is that it's super easy to make!  Actually, the best part is that it's extremely healthy...and yummy.  You can use the same ingredients I show here, or you can be creative and edit the recipe with your pet's favorite delicacies.  In this particular recipe I use Greek vanilla yogurt, sliced ripe bananas, natural creamy peanut butter and carob chips.  You can use Kongs or any stuff-able food dispenser.


Step 1 - Pour yogurt into a large bowl and mix with peanut butter (to taste).  I use about 1/2 cup.

Step 2 - Slice one banana and place into bowl.

Step 3 - Pour about 1/2 cup carob chips into mixture and stir.

Step 4 - Pre-cut several pieces of aluminum foil and place on counter.

Step 5 - Place the dispenser (Kong) onto the foil and fill it with your mixture using a spoon.  You can use Saran Wrap as well, but I find foil easier to use.  Just be sure that the foil is smooth wherever it touches the yogurt so it's easy to peel off later.  

Step 6 - Wrap foil around the entire toy and place in the freezer.

Step 7 - When you're ready to treat your pet, remove foil and serve over a towel or in an area that's easy to clean.  The treat isn't overly messy, but the feeding area will get a little wet.


If you're concerned about staining, avoid ingredients like blueberries.  Got a recipe you'd like to share?  We'd love for you to share it with us! Bone Appetit'!





In case you haven't noticed...Facebook has been limiting the amount of posts you see from your favorite pages.  Yes...I know you want to hear from us, but unfortunately you're gonna have to work a little harder to get your way...thanks to Facebook's new practices.  It turns out that Facebook wants business pages to "pay" to reach their fans.  Let me explain:  In the past, if we wanted to communicate with you, all we'd have to do is make a post and ALL of our fans would hear what we have to say.  Not anymore.  Now only 7% (on average) of our fans will receive our posts in their daily News Feed...these are the fans that engage most frequently with Wet Nose posts.  If you "like", "share" or "comment" frequently with Wet Nose posts, then you're included in that 7%, but if you're like 95% percent of the population, you are an active follower, just not an active participant.  I can assure you that since we're a small business, we won't be "paying" to post...sorry, but we don't have an unlimited marketing budget.  But what we CAN do is offer you some suggestions on how to stay in the loop.  Here is one solution:  Get_Your_FB_Page_Posts_Back.pdf

Whew!  It's been a long and tedious adventure getting our new website up.  We really hope you like it :)  I know there aren't a lot of products up yet, but they're coming!  Who knew that building a website would take so long?  So instead of trying to get 90% of our merchandise up for the web launch, we opted to "just get it done" with less than 10%.  Kind of a bummer, I know...but look on the bright side...you have something to look forward too!  I promise...every week we'll be adding more items...how exciting!!!


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