Summer Pests

It looks like summer has finally arrived in the Midwest, which is a much welcomed break after the cold, gray winter. With all of the new blooms and growth, there are also a lot more insects – insects I am not a fan of!

At my house, ants show up in our bathroom every spring season. Because we have a small zoo of animals, (including a messy parrot) the ant problem spreads if we don’t take care of it quickly. My answer to solving this insect issue, while not harming any of my pets, is using Diatomaceous Earth (DE). It is made of silica from fresh water deposits. When the insects walk through it, the powder sticks to their bodies and dries out their exoskeleton – causing them to eventually die. 

When using DE, I simply sprinkle it along the areas that the insects frequent, mainly baseboards. And because DE is a food grade product, I know it’s safe if any of my pets happen to lick it up. You can even add some to your animals’ food to help fight parasites. If you plan to use DE in the bathroom or other areas that are sometimes damp, make sure you dry everything off first. If it’s wet, it will be ineffective.

Another place that becomes problematic at our house is the backyard – and sometimes our dogs themselves. Our yard is very large, which means there can be a lot of bugs. In fact, last March one of our dogs had a tick on her. That is when I decided we needed to change something. I bought the Vet’s Best Yard and Kennel Spray, the Vet's Best Flea and Tick Spray and also a Tick Key. The flea and tick yard spray treatment can be used on the shrubs, grass or anything outside. And its handy companion can be sprayed directly on your dog or yourself! I find spraying down areas in the yard once a month during the summer to be helpful. The bottle just connects right to the water hose and you can spray the mixture anywhere you’d like. It smells like peppermint and cloves, so that’s a nice little treat! This spray is something I am sure to use before hosting any barbecue or outdoor parties. If you apply it in the morning of your get-together, it’s sure to keep away any cloud of gnats or mosquitoes. 

If, for some reason, your dog still happens to get a tick, using the Tick Key works great to remove the head. Don’t forget to act fast if you notice a tick on your beloved pooch! 

Now that I found these products, the Diatomaceous Earth, Vet’s Best Sprays and Tick Key, the spring and summer months are that much more relaxing and enjoyable! I no longer worry about ants in my house or insect infestations throughout my backyard.

Written by ~ Angela Smith