I'm Feeding a Good Food...

I’m feeding a good food…. It’s Eukenuba! (Or Iams) (Or Pedigree) (Or YUCK!!!)

Your best friend just posted a picture of a perfectly cute little puppy on Facebook. The “ooooohs & ahhhhhhs” are just flowing out of your mouth as you start to dial said friends phone number. If you are anything like myself, there is a great deal of high-pitched squealing and pronouncements of inevitable death if you don’t meet the fluff ball soon!! Once the excitement dies down and you get your voice back to a normal octave the details start to emerge. No, they weren’t planning on getting a dog but heck…. They will figure it out! Yes, please give us the name of your vet and trainer.   All good on food, they decided to serve Eukenuba (they just love their commercials!!! The cute dogs on the package looks just like ours!!!) That’s when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and the fake smile hits your face.

In your head you are FREAKING out but you can’t just jump down your besties throat over dog food…. Can you?? I mean you guys have been through break ups, bad haircuts and hangovers together but this may cross a line?!?!? Don’t fret! We have all been there & here are some ways to get your (very valid) point across:

“Have you done your research & feel comfortable with their ingredients?”

(Maybe she doesn’t realize that by-product meal is really just beaks & feathers….)

“Are you familiar with the benefits of serving a grain free diet?” 

(Easier to digest, less fillers like corn, better skin & coat…. Need I go on?)

“I’d rather pay for a good quality food than marketing… wouldn’t you?

(Insist that her dog doesn’t care if the kibble is red & green, just that it tastes good)

“Let’s look at the ingredients on the bag together. What is animal fat? GOOGLE!!”

(PLAY DUMB, let her have the “ah ha” moment & come to her own inevitable conclusion…. Nobody wants diseased animal or road kill kibble!!!!)

Reassure her that not all dog food is bad & her little puppy will be just fine with switching. Show her the way to good nutrition with trusted brands like Fromm, Orijen & Acana. Better yet, have a discussion about raw diets (Primal, Raw Bistro & others).   If you need back up, call in the ringers at Wet Nose!!!!

Good luck!!! (And get off your soapbox now…)

Written by ~ Ann Kowal