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Nail Clippers

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Clipping your pet's nails yourself might seem scary, but it doesn't have to be. Especially if you're using high-quality nail clippers. Professional quality nail clippers such as ours, are designed to accommodate the shape and thickness of a pet's nails. You never want to use human nail clippers, even on the tiniest of pets, because you could do some serious damage to their nails. Just go slowly, stay calm, and have lots of treats handy to keep Fido or Fluffy happy!

Always use nail clippers that are appropriate for the size of your pet. Small clippers are best for pets 15 lbs. and under. Large clippers are best for medium to large pets.

Nail Clipping Tips:

  • It is always safer to trim only a small amount of the nail at a time, on a regular basis, to avoid cutting into the quick (the vein that runs through the nails.)
  • Keep styptic powder handy. If a nail is trimmed too short and begins to bleed, it is important to pack the nail with styptic powder and apply pressure to the nail to stop the bleeding.

Price: $16.00