Road Trip Essentials

Where can you find a road trip companion that won’t change the station during your favorite song, beg you to stop at every rest stop, and ask, “are we there yet?” one more time? The answer is, your dog.

Trapper, my husky mix, and I have road tripping down to a science. He knows as soon as I set his leash next to my travel bag that he’s along for the ride and anxiously awaits our impending adventure. Our travels weren’t always so simple, but after a dozen or so trips from Chicago to Detroit (where I was living at the time), I knew exactly what we needed to make the ride as comfortable as possible. Below are the essentials I pack to keep everything running smoothly.

  • Blanket or seat cover. Not only does this improve Trapper’s comfort and ease him into sleep, it saves me the painstaking labor of vacuuming out all the little hairs that weave themselves into my seats.
  • Seat belt attachment . A seat belt attachment, or car seat for smaller breeds, is essential for the safety of my pet. This keeps Trapper locked in the backseat, instead of flying into the front or the windshield, if we stop short or have an accident.
  • Water dish. I keep a collapsible water dish handy for our rest stops to make sure he stays hydrated.
  • Extra food. Traveling with raw food is simple! I bought an insulated collapsible picnic tote and some cooler packs to stash all the food he needs. It doesn’t take up much room in my car and I never feel like I’ll have to compromise his diet on a trip.
  • These are essential for rewarding good behavior and encouraging Trapper to sit when we start our journey.
  • His favorite toy. I’m all about minimalism here and keep it simple with his favorite toy of the moment. I prefer to keep it a soft plush toy, as he likes to use them as pillows while he sleeps.
  • Doggy anxiety treats. Trapper has never been one for anxious behavior in the car, but I always keep a few Canna-Pet’s on hand just in case the ride becomes too long or stressful for him. Better safe than sorry!

Rather than keeping your furry friend at home for your next road trip, consider bringing him along. Not only can it be a great bonding experience for you and your pet, but no one will complain about how your singing actually sounds!

Written by ~ Ashlyn Oswalt