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Water Buffalo Horns

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Have you been searching for something different to give your dog to chew on? Look no further! How about a Water Buffalo Horn? These are strong, naturally durable chews that are sourced from free range, grass fed water buffalo. The horns are also high in protein and low in fat.

As with any hard chew, Water Buffalo Horns can break teeth if your dog works them too aggressively, so keep an eye on your pooch when she is chewing on one of these. She will be able to chew small pieces of the horn off, but once the horn itself has become small enough to swallow entirely, it should be discarded. Water Buffalo Horns are for adult dogs only, and should NOT be given to puppies, as they could potentially crack fragile puppy teeth.

Like all natural products, there is some degree of size variation, but on average the small Water Buffalo Horn measures about 3–5" long, and the large measures 8-9" long (if straightened out - there is a curve to these chews). Small horns are good for small dogs, large horns are good for medium to large dogs.

Ingredients: Water Buffalo Horn.

Price: $6.65

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