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WagWellies Boots

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Keep your pup's tender feet and toes protected from the elements with WagWellies – the original “Wellington”-style boots. These 100% rubber, slip-on boots with Velcro fasteners are built to last. Their open-vented side slits make them a breeze to slide on, while also creating a secure fit that will stay put even while on the move. This patent pending design is sleek, sturdy, and most importantly, comfortable! Available in classic black.

Made in USA.

**It is unlikely, but possible that the item you select may be out of stock (due to low inventory levels). If this event should occur, we will notify you within 2 business days with an estimated delivery date. If that date is unacceptable, we will happily refund your purchase.**

It might take a little bit of time to get your pup comfortable wearing his/her boots. Instead of putting all four boots on at once the first time, try putting only one on, on a back foot. With lots of praise, treats and practice indoors, you can work your way up to all four boots.

Sizing Instructions: Please measure your dog's paws to ensure the most accurate fit, and refer to the below size chart for guidance. To measure – place your dog's paw on a sheet of paper and mark the back of the rear paw pad and the tip of the longest claw. Measure this distance for the correct size.


  • XS – paws up to 2" long
  • S – paws up to 2.25" long
  • M – paws up to 2.5" long
  • L – paws up to 3.25" long

Care Instructions: Secure Velcro straps. Hand or machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle using mild detergent. Air dry.

Price: $78.00