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Pet Hair Remover

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No matter how much we vacuum or use the lint roller, pet hair seems to have a mind of its own and just won't come off certain fabrics! Save yourself some time and frustration with this innovative Pet Hair Remover. With a light sweeping motion, its unique rigid, scaled texture removes hair from carpets and fabrics in homes and vehicles quickly and easily. This unique tool is more effective, durable and earth-friendly than other pet hair removal products, since there is nothing to plug in, wear out or replace.

For use on car upholstery, furniture, clothing, carpeting, comforters, pillows and blankets...anywhere pet hair collects!

Made in USA.

The Pet Hair Remover is made from 90% post-consumer recycled materials (the stuff you put into your curbside recycling bin). It’s also hypoallergenic and odor free.

Price: $11.00