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Micro Suede Car Seat On Sale!

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With this luxurious Micro Suede Car Seat, your pet will ride in style and comfort while on the move. Made with a comfortable foam form and covered in an elegant micro suede cover, this car seat will provide a safe and cozy place for your pet while in the car. For added comfort, the car seat comes with an inner pillow that can be removed for more wiggle room if needed. The slipcover and pillow cover zip off easily, and they are machine washable in warm water, no bleach. Machine dry, removing promptly. A safety strap is included, which attaches your pet’s harness to the seat belt.



  • 17”h x 15”w x 19”d
  • For pets up to 18 lbs.

Instructions for Use:

Place the car seat in the rear seat of your vehicle. It will be high enough so that when your pet is inside they will be able to look out the window. It's possible that motion sickness can be reduced for many pets, since they will be able to see what's going on around them. Bring the car’s shoulder belt and lap belt down through the open slot on the back of the car seat, and snap it into the seat belt receptacle. This fastens the car seat to the car.

For safety during sudden stops, your pet should wear a harness and be strapped into the car seat. A small strap is supplied with the seat that attaches to your harness’s D-ring, then secures around the lap belt that holds the car seat to the seat of the car. Do not attach this strap to a collar – this can choke your dog in case of a hard stop. Adjust the harness so that your pet can move, but but cannot get out of the car seat. You can even use the car seat at home or in hotels as your pet’s bed and then move it into the car for travel.

Price: $69.00 140.00

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