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Metal Pet Comb

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Give your pet a professional grooming experience at home with the full line of Bass grooming brushes and combs! Bass metal pet combs are professional grade grooming combs. The Fine Tooth Comb is designed for fine detangling work, while the Wide Tooth Comb is designed for everyday grooming of medium to long haired coats. Both combs are lightweight, and feature soft rubber inserts on their natural bamboo handles for user comfort and control.

Grooming Tip: When grooming medium to long haired coats like Yorkshire Terriers, use the Wide Tooth Comb starting at the spine and brush out toward the ends of the hair. If you run into mats, stop and take a break. You can use the Fine Tooth Comb and a detangling spray (such as our Buddy Splash) to work out the mats. Then return to full coat grooming with the wide tooth comb.

Price: $21.25