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Catnip Buds

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Is your kitty a couch potato? We're pretty certain that nothing will get her off the sofa faster than these Catnip Buds! The bud is the top of the catnip plant, and is the most potent and aromatic part of the plant. The key to good catnip is its freshness, and these catnip buds are hand harvested in the state of Washington, only when the catnip plants have reached their maximum natural essential oil content. After harvest they're dried, packaged and shipped out immediately. Catnip Buds are a seasonal product, so stock up now! Once they're gone, they're gone until the next growing season!

Available in a 0.4 oz. tin.

Harvested and packaged in USA.

Directions: When giving catnip buds to your cat, we recommend crushing a flower piece between your fingers and give it to your cat after removing the stems. When you crush the buds, you release the essential oil contained in those tiny blooms.

Price: $8.00