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Canna-Pet Capsules

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Whether your pup suffers from occasional anxiety due to storms or fireworks, or more frequent stress-related issues, Canna-Pet Capsules can offer some relief for your poor pooch. Canna-Pet Advanced capsules contain hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) for stress and anxiety relief, and is carefully formulated to be appropriate for any size pet. It is also safe to use alongside any medications, nutritional products, or with any special diets. Treatment with CBD products has been found to be beneficial for a variety of ailments, ranging from cancer to epilepsy.

Canna-Pet is a fine powder in clear vegetarian capsules. Canna-Pet products are made exclusively from industrial hemp, the only cannabinoid source currently available and safe for pets. Canna-Pet is NOT a pharmaceutical product with strict administration guidelines and severe side-effects. It is a very benign, natural product and you can administer it with confidence.

Made in USA.

About Hemp:

Hemp has been safely and beneficially used for thousands of years. Industrial Hemp is naturally rich in beneficial compounds - especially cannabidiol (CBD), that naturally interacts with the nervous and immune systems of animals. The only documented side effects are mild sedation.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.**

Ingredients: Industrial Hemp.

Instructions for Use: Administer capsules directly to your pet, put the capsule into a pill pocket or treat, or into food. You can also take the powder out of the capsule and mix it directly into food or liquid. If your pet is not eating, you can mix the powder with a tiny bit of liquid and squirt it into your pet’s mouth. The goal is to get the entire content of each capsule to your pet – whatever works best.


  • Canna-Pet for Small Pets (under 20 lbs) Give 1-2 capsules daly, one capsule every twelve hours. Give cats only one per day.
  • Canna-Pet for Large Pets (20-95 lbs) serve 1-2 capsules daily, one capsule every twelve hours. For pets over 95 lbs serve 2-3 capsules daily.

Price: $58.00