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Raw Turkey Necks

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Indulge the carnivore in your pet, with an irresistible raw turkey neck. Dogs & cats have a set of solid molars and extremely strong jaws that enable them to crush and chew raw meaty bones such as necks, backs and wings. Raw meaty bones are an excellent way for them to exercise their jaws, massage their gums and clean their teeth, while consuming beneficial amino acids, essential fatty acids and calcium. Primal's raw turkey necks are 100% human-grade, antibiotic and hormone free.

Raw meaty bones ARE meant to be completely consumed. These bones are considered "soft bones" and do not splinter, but should always be fed under your supervision.

 Available in a 3-pack.

Made and sourced in the USA.

Feeding Guidelines: Turkey necks can be fed either as a treat or as a supplement to daily meals, and can comprise up to 30% of your pet's daily caloric intake.

Ingredients: Turkey Necks.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein (min)  18%
  • Crude Fat (min)          6%
  • Crude Fiber (max)   0.2%
  • Moisture (max)         71%

Price: $17.00