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In case you haven't noticed...Facebook has been limiting the amount of posts you see from your favorite pages.  Yes...I know you want to hear from us, but unfortunately you're gonna have to work a little harder to get your way...thanks to Facebook's new practices.  It turns out that Facebook wants business pages to "pay" to reach their fans.  Let me explain:  In the past, if we wanted to communicate with you, all we'd have to do is make a post and ALL of our fans would hear what we have to say.  Not anymore.  Now only 7% (on average) of our fans will receive our posts in their daily News Feed...these are the fans that engage most frequently with Wet Nose posts.  If you "like", "share" or "comment" frequently with Wet Nose posts, then you're included in that 7%, but if you're like 95% percent of the population, you are an active follower, just not an active participant.  I can assure you that since we're a small business, we won't be "paying" to post...sorry, but we don't have an unlimited marketing budget.  But what we CAN do is offer you some suggestions on how to stay in the loop.  Here is one solution:  Get_Your_FB_Page_Posts_Back.pdf


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