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Lilly's Day, to some, is our largest sale of the year and a double score if you're savvy enough to get your ass out of bed early enough to wait in line for a swag bag. Lilly's Day, to me is much more personal. It always has been and always will continue to be about our girl Lilly and a gesture of thanking our loyal clients that have supported our small business over the years. For those of you that really know me, you know that I'm sappy that way...I'm way more idealistic than people realize and sensitive about "true meanings" of things and doing things for the right reasons. I think about how it's been almost 4 years since we lost Lilly...OMG 4 years already. I think about how Lilly's Day has turned into something other than its original idealistic purpose, and it makes me sad. Joe and I have felt that something needed to change about Lilly's Day, but didn't quite know what or how to do it. I feel like we've created a monster and now there's this level of expectation...how big the sale is going to be and how valuable the swag bag will be. Then we lost our boy, Bono in February...unexpectedly & suddenly to Cancer. That's when we knew. This year had to be about something more...something personal to us, but also to YOU. Something bigger, but in a different way. So as I write this post, my hands sweat, my heart races and I'm scared. Scared that you'll be angry, but hopeful that you'll be touched and rally along side of us this Lilly's Day. So I'm just going to rip off the band-aid now and hold my breath.

This Lilly's Day, food and supplements will not be on sale. Everything else in the store will be, and we promise that the discounts will be amazing. We will not be offering a swag bag this year, however we will have several give-a-ways and fantastic surprises planned for the 2 DAYS of our event. Yes, you read that right...Lilly's Day will be 2 days - Friday, August 26th AND Saturday, August 27th. In lieu of food discounts and a swag bag, we will be donating 10% of all Lilly's Day sales equally between two charities: Lilly's favorite rescue group, Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue and in honor of Bono and all pets that have been touched by cancer, Live Like Roo Foundation. I'm hopeful that you will support us this Lilly's Day and spread the word so we can raise a ridiculous amount of money for the pets that need us and in honor of those who have loved us. I'm hopeful that this Lilly's Day will touch your heart and your soul.

Thank you for listening,





Lilly's Day ~ To some, it’s our biggest sale of the year. To us, it’s a way to remember our sweet girl Lilly and to show our appreciation for you & your support of Wet Nose over the last 13 years.   If you talk to our veteran clients, they’ll tell you that the lines are long, but Lilly’s Day is fun, and a tradition that shouldn’t be missed.   Consider it a Black Friday of sorts…lots of deals, huge give-a-ways, and an amazing Swag Bag that will give the Oscars a run for its money!   It’s also a perfect time to add to your furry family since many hopeful pooches will be wagging their tails in hopes of catching your eye. The action starts at 10am but we strongly encourage attendees to arrive early to get first dibs on all that’s new.   Want a little sneak peak of what we have planned? Keep reading….

Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation ~

We are pleased to welcome the Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation as our special guest this Lilly’s Day. Even though we have been a huge supporter of several rescue groups for many years, we have not heard of Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation…until recently. Wow! Are we ever glad that they introduced themselves. If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because Bryan Bickell is a Chicago Blackhawks player – Go Hawks!   The Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation works to create a positive cycle of awareness through "pit bull" type dogs that were once the victims of neglect, abuse, or abandonment. These dogs are often misunderstood and mistreated as a result of their name. They work to promote these dogs for adoption or to aid in their rescue through their Bick's "Pit" program. They also work to educate the public about "pit bulls" while providing services to low-income "pit bull" owners through their Chicago Loves "Pits" program. By working with "pit bulls" who are rescued or adopted and have overcome abuse or bullying, they then focus on promoting the human-animal bond by bringing certified therapy "pit bulls" together with children who are victims of abuse through their Paws for Strength program. Lastly, they work with children who are victims of bullying to teach kindness and compassion through "pit bulls" as part of their Bullies Against Bullying program. The Foundation works to create a cycle of positivity sparked by compassion for the dogs we love so much.

In addition to hosting Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation, Wet Nose will also be featuring 2 different Pittie rescue groups: Players For Pits & Peace For Pits.  Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation regularly “sponsor” Pits from these groups in an effort to find them loving and forever homes. The quest continues on Lilly’s Day! Pits looking for a forever home will be wagging their tails at all locations on Lilly’s Day. If someone (like you!) meets one of these yummy Pits and there’s a “Love Connection” (adoption) Wet Nose will donate $200 to Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation to continue their valued work…yep…$200 for EVERY dog! Each lucky pooch will also receive a basket of goodies for their new home…our compliments.

Can’t adopt, but want to make a donation? We’ll be happy to accommodate you. Donation jars will be available for cash donations or just simply add your tax deductable contribution to your purchase upon checkout. Bickell donation dollars do not qualify towards swag bag and/or raffle ticket thresholds.

Want To Get Away? ~

I don’t know about you, but I could really use a vacation. But since that’s not an option right now, I’ll have to live vicariously through the lucky winner of our $500 Airline Gift Card! The more you spend, the more chances you get to fly away someplace fun with our Lilly’s Day raffle. Receive a ticket for every $50 you spend (after discounts & coupons) for your chance to win. But wait, there’s more! Your pet will be the envy of every dog in town after Wet Nose names a treat after him or her. Can you picture it? Max’s Morsels, Bella Bites or maybe even Chester’s Chicken Chunks? For a whole year, your pet will have his name on cookie bags all over Chicago.

Swag Bag ~

The early bird gets the worm! The first 100 people that visit us on Lilly’s Day will receive a sweet swag bag filled with amazing goodies and valued at over $400!!! This is by far our most amazing swag bag…EVER. Requires minimum purchase of $150 after discounts and coupons. Limit one per household and/or Loyalty Membership and available in-store only. Sorry…no phone orders.

Did Someone Say Sale? ~

Of course everything will be on sale on Lilly’s Day! How much? Well, we can’t let the cat out of the bag…yet, but stay tuned.  All good things come to those who wait!

Sheila Spitza





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