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I must be getting old…in fact, I’m sure of it. I hated my history class in grade school and loathed it in high school, but for some reason, I’m finding history incredibly fascinating now and can’t get enough of it. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived through the 60’s…70’s…80’s and chuckle when TV shows reflect on those “historic” times. Or perhaps I’m shocked that freshman entering high schools this year will be learning about 9/11 as a historical event that occurred before they were born…wow…think about that for a moment! History is one of the many reasons Fromm Family Foods fascinates me…they have such a long, rich story that is nothing short of amazing.

When I think of Fromm, I think of how they were 1 of 4 brands of kibble that graced our shelves 14 years ago when we first opened. Today, they are the only one that remains. As a five generation, family owned and operated company Fromm has paved the way in the pet industry…quietly. They aren’t flashy like Science Diet or Purina, but their impact is notable. Located and manufactured in Wisconsin, Fromm developed the canine and feline distemper vaccine in the 1930s and in 1949 introduced the concept of premium pet food to the world by pioneering the process of cooking meat and grain together to produce the first all-granular pet food. These are things that I never knew until I was getting ready to write this blog post. This, along with the fact that their original plant, built in 1925 in Mequon Wisconsin still exists and operates to this day.

What impresses me the most about Fromm though, isn’t the history, but the present. Fromm has a deep sense of family, an intense dedication to quality and a commitment to loyalty & integrity that I rarely see. As the pet industry changes and competitors act unfavorably, Fromm remains steadfast…committed to the principles that guide them. They know that their customers, and the four-legged family members that they love rely on superior products made by a family that they know and trust. As a retailer, we know that Fromm has our back and our client’s backs and as a result, our business with them has grown to where it is now…our best selling kibble…by far…on our shelves.  

We are honored that Fromm Family Foods is a premier sponsor of Lilly’s Day.

Written by ~ Sheila Spitza


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  • Posted by Mallory on August 22, 2016

    Fromm grain free is the #1 kibble for our household, canine and feline alike! I know that I can trust the quality of ingredients in their products and I love that it’s made locally! Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

  • Posted by Laura Jamrozik on August 22, 2016

    Fromm is our go-to dog food! It is the only food we have been feeding our dogs sine 2004. We are SO glad Wet Nose introduced it to our family!

  • Posted by Laurie Lyons on August 21, 2016

    My trainer recommended Fromm to me 3 years ago and it’s the only food I feed my dogs. They devour all of the different flavors of grain free kibble and I know that I am feeding ghem one of the best foods out there.

  • Posted by Linda Kaminski on August 21, 2016

    My dogs eat Fromm Classic and Fromm Whitefish & Potato formulas. They LOVE it and I love that they have never had a recall on the food.

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