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We are SO EXCITED about this year's Lilly's Day and we can't wait to see you! Joe and I just came back from a HUGE trade show and have a TON of new merchandise debuting for this special event. The Wet Nose team has been working around the clock, cleaning, prepping and decorating...as always, it will be quite the party! Midwest Lab Rescue and Live Like Roo Foundation are beyond thrilled and have some fun stuff planned for you as well...so ARE YOU COMING?!?!?! Here are the details ~

  • ON SALE! - Everything in the store is 20% off!!! (Excluding food & supplements).
  • NEW STUFF! - Beds, toys, collars, carriers, blankets, bowls, home decor & more!
  • DONATE - 10% of your entire purchase (including food & supplements) will be donated to Midwest Lab Rescue & Live Like Roo Foundation. Want to donate more? We can add any amount to your purchase at checkout!
  • RAFFLE PRIZES - Receive a raffle ticket for every $25 you spend for a chance to win 1 of 4 AMAZING prizes...including our Grand Prize of 2 Tickets to PAWS Chicago's Fur Ball at The Drake Hotel in November...a $1200 value!
  • MEET & GREET - Come visit some precious Labs looking for their forever homes...they're ready to give you some wet kisses.
  • LIVE LIKE ROO - Meet this amazing foundation, buy a t-shirt and learn how you can help pets that are diagnosed with cancer.
  • OUR SPECIAL TRIBUTE - We have a special surprise in store for you, in honor of the pets that have been touched by cancer. We hope you'll love it.

Can't make it to the store? Shop on-line with promo code: LILLY2016 and receive free shipping for orders $50 or more. (Loyalty points do not apply to online purchases)

Lilly's Day Hours

Friday, August 26th.....10 am - 7 pm
Saturday, August 27th.....10 am - 6 pm


I must be getting old…in fact, I’m sure of it. I hated my history class in grade school and loathed it in high school, but for some reason, I’m finding history incredibly fascinating now and can’t get enough of it. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived through the 60’s…70’s…80’s and chuckle when TV shows reflect on those “historic” times. Or perhaps I’m shocked that freshman entering high schools this year will be learning about 9/11 as a historical event that occurred before they were born…wow…think about that for a moment! History is one of the many reasons Fromm Family Foods fascinates me…they have such a long, rich story that is nothing short of amazing.

When I think of Fromm, I think of how they were 1 of 4 brands of kibble that graced our shelves 14 years ago when we first opened. Today, they are the only one that remains. As a five generation, family owned and operated company Fromm has paved the way in the pet industry…quietly. They aren’t flashy like Science Diet or Purina, but their impact is notable. Located and manufactured in Wisconsin, Fromm developed the canine and feline distemper vaccine in the 1930s and in 1949 introduced the concept of premium pet food to the world by pioneering the process of cooking meat and grain together to produce the first all-granular pet food. These are things that I never knew until I was getting ready to write this blog post. This, along with the fact that their original plant, built in 1925 in Mequon Wisconsin still exists and operates to this day.

What impresses me the most about Fromm though, isn’t the history, but the present. Fromm has a deep sense of family, an intense dedication to quality and a commitment to loyalty & integrity that I rarely see. As the pet industry changes and competitors act unfavorably, Fromm remains steadfast…committed to the principles that guide them. They know that their customers, and the four-legged family members that they love rely on superior products made by a family that they know and trust. As a retailer, we know that Fromm has our back and our client’s backs and as a result, our business with them has grown to where it is now…our best selling kibble…by far…on our shelves.  

We are honored that Fromm Family Foods is a premier sponsor of Lilly’s Day.

Written by ~ Sheila Spitza


It’s been 14 years since we first opened and I still remember how novel it was to carry frozen raw food for pets at the time. Frankly speaking, we were definitely considered pioneers in this respect. Clients would enter our store for the first time and stare with bewilderment into our freezers that flaunted The BARF Diet. “Is this for dogs that throw up?”…was the number one question we were asked. Boy, have we come a long way since then!

We started with The BARF Diet, Steve’s Real Food, Companion Natural and Nature’s Variety. There weren’t many other options to choose from. But before you knew it, there was a new kid on the block that wanted a little Wet Nose freezer space…Stella & Chewy’s. I still remember the first time I met Marie Moody, founder of Stella & Chewy’s and her husband, Doug Siegal. We were at an open house hosted by our top distributor and they had this little folding table featuring their products. Sleeping underneath the table was their 3 year old son, Charlie. They were the true definition of a family owned business and were incredibly passionate about their products and their mission to be the best raw food company in the country. Marie was relentless. “Why are we not in your store?” she asked. Her pushiness was amusing even though I dismissed her perseverance at the time.

We were happy with our current brands and really weren’t interested in adding another raw food line, but when Nature’s Variety started increasing their prices and losing sight of the little retailers that grew their business, we felt it was time to consider a change. Needless to say, Marie and Stella & Chewy’s were thrilled!

It’s been many years since we made that pivoting decision and started to develop the amazing relationship with Stella & Chewy’s that stands today. They have never lost sight of who they are…they have never walked away from their supporters…and most importantly, they have never compromised their quality or principles.

For these reasons, we are SO PROUD to have Stella & Chewy’s as a PREMIER SPONSOR of this year’s Lilly’s Day. We asked…they answered without hesitation. Loyalty at it’s finest.

Written by ~ Sheila Spitza



Lilly's Day, to some, is our largest sale of the year and a double score if you're savvy enough to get your ass out of bed early enough to wait in line for a swag bag. Lilly's Day, to me is much more personal. It always has been and always will continue to be about our girl Lilly and a gesture of thanking our loyal clients that have supported our small business over the years. For those of you that really know me, you know that I'm sappy that way...I'm way more idealistic than people realize and sensitive about "true meanings" of things and doing things for the right reasons. I think about how it's been almost 4 years since we lost Lilly...OMG 4 years already. I think about how Lilly's Day has turned into something other than its original idealistic purpose, and it makes me sad. Joe and I have felt that something needed to change about Lilly's Day, but didn't quite know what or how to do it. I feel like we've created a monster and now there's this level of expectation...how big the sale is going to be and how valuable the swag bag will be. Then we lost our boy, Bono in February...unexpectedly & suddenly to Cancer. That's when we knew. This year had to be about something more...something personal to us, but also to YOU. Something bigger, but in a different way. So as I write this post, my hands sweat, my heart races and I'm scared. Scared that you'll be angry, but hopeful that you'll be touched and rally along side of us this Lilly's Day. So I'm just going to rip off the band-aid now and hold my breath.

This Lilly's Day, food and supplements will not be on sale. Everything else in the store will be, and we promise that the discounts will be amazing. We will not be offering a swag bag this year, however we will have several give-a-ways and fantastic surprises planned for the 2 DAYS of our event. Yes, you read that right...Lilly's Day will be 2 days - Friday, August 26th AND Saturday, August 27th. In lieu of food discounts and a swag bag, we will be donating 10% of all Lilly's Day sales equally between two charities: Lilly's favorite rescue group, Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue and in honor of Bono and all pets that have been touched by cancer, Live Like Roo Foundation. I'm hopeful that you will support us this Lilly's Day and spread the word so we can raise a ridiculous amount of money for the pets that need us and in honor of those who have loved us. I'm hopeful that this Lilly's Day will touch your heart and your soul.

Thank you for listening,




I’m feeding a good food…. It’s Eukenuba! (Or Iams) (Or Pedigree) (Or YUCK!!!)

Your best friend just posted a picture of a perfectly cute little puppy on Facebook. The “ooooohs & ahhhhhhs” are just flowing out of your mouth as you start to dial said friends phone number. If you are anything like myself, there is a great deal of high-pitched squealing and pronouncements of inevitable death if you don’t meet the fluff ball soon!! Once the excitement dies down and you get your voice back to a normal octave the details start to emerge. No, they weren’t planning on getting a dog but heck…. They will figure it out! Yes, please give us the name of your vet and trainer.   All good on food, they decided to serve Eukenuba (they just love their commercials!!! The cute dogs on the package looks just like ours!!!) That’s when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and the fake smile hits your face.

In your head you are FREAKING out but you can’t just jump down your besties throat over dog food…. Can you?? I mean you guys have been through break ups, bad haircuts and hangovers together but this may cross a line?!?!? Don’t fret! We have all been there & here are some ways to get your (very valid) point across:

“Have you done your research & feel comfortable with their ingredients?”

(Maybe she doesn’t realize that by-product meal is really just beaks & feathers….)

“Are you familiar with the benefits of serving a grain free diet?” 

(Easier to digest, less fillers like corn, better skin & coat…. Need I go on?)

“I’d rather pay for a good quality food than marketing… wouldn’t you?

(Insist that her dog doesn’t care if the kibble is red & green, just that it tastes good)

“Let’s look at the ingredients on the bag together. What is animal fat? GOOGLE!!”

(PLAY DUMB, let her have the “ah ha” moment & come to her own inevitable conclusion…. Nobody wants diseased animal or road kill kibble!!!!)

Reassure her that not all dog food is bad & her little puppy will be just fine with switching. Show her the way to good nutrition with trusted brands like Fromm, Orijen & Acana. Better yet, have a discussion about raw diets (Primal, Raw Bistro & others).   If you need back up, call in the ringers at Wet Nose!!!!

Good luck!!! (And get off your soapbox now…)

Written by ~ Ann Kowal - District Manager


It looks like summer has finally arrived in the Midwest, which is a much welcomed break after the cold, gray winter. With all of the new blooms and growth, there are also a lot more insects – insects I am not a fan of!

At my house, ants show up in our bathroom every spring season. Because we have a small zoo of animals, (including a messy parrot) the ant problem spreads if we don’t take care of it quickly. My answer to solving this insect issue, while not harming any of my pets, is using Diatomaceous Earth (DE). It is made of silica from fresh water deposits. When the insects walk through it, the powder sticks to their bodies and dries out their exoskeleton – causing them to eventually die. 

When using DE, I simply sprinkle it along the areas that the insects frequent, mainly baseboards. And because DE is a food grade product, I know it’s safe if any of my pets happen to lick it up. You can even add some to your animals’ food to help fight parasites. If you plan to use DE in the bathroom or other areas that are sometimes damp, make sure you dry everything off first. If it’s wet, it will be ineffective.

Another place that becomes problematic at our house is the backyard – and sometimes our dogs themselves. Our yard is very large, which means there can be a lot of bugs. In fact, last March one of our dogs had a tick on her. That is when I decided we needed to change something. I bought the Vet’s Best Yard and Kennel Spray, the Vet's Best Flea and Tick Spray and also a Tick Key. The flea and tick yard spray treatment can be used on the shrubs, grass or anything outside. And its handy companion can be sprayed directly on your dog or yourself! I find spraying down areas in the yard once a month during the summer to be helpful. The bottle just connects right to the water hose and you can spray the mixture anywhere you’d like. It smells like peppermint and cloves, so that’s a nice little treat! This spray is something I am sure to use before hosting any barbecue or outdoor parties. If you apply it in the morning of your get-together, it’s sure to keep away any cloud of gnats or mosquitoes. 

If, for some reason, your dog still happens to get a tick, using the Tick Key works great to remove the head. Don’t forget to act fast if you notice a tick on your beloved pooch! 

Now that I found these products, the Diatomaceous Earth, Vet’s Best Sprays and Tick Key, the spring and summer months are that much more relaxing and enjoyable! I no longer worry about ants in my house or insect infestations throughout my backyard.

Written by ~ Angela Smith


Where can you find a road trip companion that won’t change the station during your favorite song, beg you to stop at every rest stop, and ask, “are we there yet?” one more time? The answer is, your dog.

Trapper, my husky mix, and I have road tripping down to a science. He knows as soon as I set his leash next to my travel bag that he’s along for the ride and anxiously awaits our impending adventure. Our travels weren’t always so simple, but after a dozen or so trips from Chicago to Detroit (where I was living at the time), I knew exactly what we needed to make the ride as comfortable as possible. Below are the essentials I pack to keep everything running smoothly.

  • Blanket or seat cover. Not only does this improve Trapper’s comfort and ease him into sleep, it saves me the painstaking labor of vacuuming out all the little hairs that weave themselves into my seats.
  • Seat belt attachment . A seat belt attachment, or car seat for smaller breeds, is essential for the safety of my pet. This keeps Trapper locked in the backseat, instead of flying into the front or the windshield, if we stop short or have an accident.
  • Water dish. I keep a collapsible water dish handy for our rest stops to make sure he stays hydrated.
  • Extra food. Traveling with raw food is simple! I bought an insulated collapsible picnic tote and some cooler packs to stash all the food he needs. It doesn’t take up much room in my car and I never feel like I’ll have to compromise his diet on a trip.
  • These are essential for rewarding good behavior and encouraging Trapper to sit when we start our journey.
  • His favorite toy. I’m all about minimalism here and keep it simple with his favorite toy of the moment. I prefer to keep it a soft plush toy, as he likes to use them as pillows while he sleeps.
  • Doggy anxiety treats. Trapper has never been one for anxious behavior in the car, but I always keep a few Canna-Pet’s on hand just in case the ride becomes too long or stressful for him. Better safe than sorry!

Rather than keeping your furry friend at home for your next road trip, consider bringing him along. Not only can it be a great bonding experience for you and your pet, but no one will complain about how your singing actually sounds!

Written by ~ Ashlyn Oswalt (Management Team)


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